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Tree branches and sea gulls against the blue winter sky
Looking through a hollowed out log out on to the Delaware River

Down on the River

Today I took a trip down to the Delaware River after picking up take out and enjoyed eating on a bench and then off to photograph.

Ornamental Cabbage Along Broad Street

Ziggy reflection

I shot this image of the reflection of my kitty Ziggy as he looks out his favorite window.

Ornamental Cabbage Along Broad Street
Just loved the three metal tables with the Pink Napkins with the contrasting green chairs
window reflection
I was fascinated with the escaltor amoung the reflections in the window
I saw these metal forms in the Court Yard of City Hall. I liked the mesmerizing angle

Center City Philadelphia

Downtown in Center City again. Always something new to photograph.

Door Differences, sharing the same steps with there own style
What is behind the metal grate?
Shadow from the Railing onto the teal wooden background
Shadows from the Railing onto the tiled porch
Graffiti on the window
Bicycle wheel and handle shadows
Branch Shadows

Passyunk Square- South Philadelphia

Recent trip with the Fairmount Photo Club with fellow Photographers. Lots of terrific People and their families and dogs just strolling around, enjoying the morning. The shadows where just so interesting on this day.

A Bokeh effect on the view of City Hall and skyline from the Steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum
circle lights
O O O with solid white flash light facing Art Museum
Dueling Snakes
Light Painting framining Art Museum Vistors
Multiple flash lights
George Washington over looking The City at Sunset

Light Painting at Philadelphia Art Museum

I tried something new in my photographic journey. Tonight I attended a Light Painting event at the Art Musuem of Philadelphia, with a the Fairmount Photo Club.

Not feeling comfortable at all with this new adventure and with the help of a few fellow photographers I was quite surprised at the images I manged to capture. In the future, I will be much more comfortable with the whole process.

Tu Huynh in the Window
City Hall
City Hall in the Afternoon light
Leaf Sculptures
Out the Window Below
My View of Love Park
Stars of Christmas Village
Through the lights
Laurie & Tu Huynh with Laurie's submissions
City Hall Court Yard
Stairs Below
Scrolled Shadows
At Macy's Holiday Time

Center City trip to Visit the NAP of Philadelphia Art Exhibit 2020

I have images submitted into the NAP of Philadelphia Art Exhibit for Employees and family of the City of Philadelphia. I am here with Venue Director Tu Huynh with the images I have submitted. Spent the whole day enjoying the amazing Architecture of City Hall and the surrounding area. Enjoyed the Christmas Village in Love Park of course. Attended the light shows at Comcast and Macy’s and finished it off with dinner a Maggiano’s and treats from Terminis. What a fantasic Day. Want to go back to City Hall, just so much to photograph.

Water Reflections - Central Park NYC
Ginkgo Biloba has decended - Central Park NYC
Leaves and Weeds - Central Park NYC
Glow of Green - Central Park NYC
Strong as Rock - Central Park NYC
Raspberry Beret
Brown leaf - Central Park NYC
Stuck - Central Park NYC
Floating Leaves - Central Park NYC


My first time photographing in Central Park, in New York City. It was so much fun and so much to see. Just loved the reflections of the buildings in the water.

Rivets and Fabric
Fall Leaves after the rain
Poppies in the night

December 2019 Club Winners

Rivets and Fabric took 1st place in Prints, image of the Manhatten Bridge in New York City. The fabric was a Banner that was worn and torn. 

Poppies at night took in 3rd in Prints . First time growing Poppies this year, was happy with the outcome.

An Honorable Mention for the Leaf that was stuck on the window after a rain storm. Just never know what you will see.

Brown Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf
Green Leaves
leaf bark
Bark & Leaves
Ginko leaves

The Leaves are the Winners

The leaves were the winners in a recent photo walk at the Penny Pack Park Environmental Center. The leaves all dropped to the forest bed overnight after the first frost.

skulls in red
Red hub cap
rear view

At the Car Show

1st time bringing my camera to the Classic Car Show. Oh what fun I had. Enjoyed looking at the interiors and under the hoods. Man do these people put alot of money into their cars. The Air brush artwork under the hood was amazing.

Sunray Tomatoes

I saw this reflection on my counter top and thought what an interesting image. The light streaks from the covered window and the colors of the fruit.

Rose-Colored Glass

Image taken in the Sanwich Glass Shop in Cape Cod, Mass. I loved the delicate color and the fine imprinted leaves and stems.